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ImpactaSnap‘s goal is simple. We want to make it easier for brands and do-gooders to change the world through the power of social media. ImpactaSnap gives brands a platform to post their giving campaigns, while users can find fun and free ways to donate to the causes they care most about, using their already existing social media.

We make it easy for you to make a difference.


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Customize your profile with your favorite causes and sync up your current social media accounts.


Accept a Challenge

Find and accept social media challenges for Instagram and Facebook that align with your values.


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By simply accepting a challenge and posting on your social media pages, you’ll donate to a nonprofit. Get creative and have fun!

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Let’s face it – the majority of people aren’t millionaires. But they still want to do good and donate to worthwhile causes. By becoming an ImpactaSnap user, you can participate in free, online challenges, with each post raising money toward an impact area. Donate to nonprofits focused on climate change, gender equality, food security, and many more!

Fighting for Equality

See how Melanie donated almost $100.00 to her favorite charity.


ImpactaSnap offers a platform for brands to market giving campaigns, reach new customers, gain trending traction on social media, and receive marketing materials, e.g. posted photos!

Brands with Purpose

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