ImpactaSnap was founded with a sole purpose: to make it easier to find fun and free ways to donate through social media.

A Snap for Impact

Our Journey

In early 2018, I started an Instagram account dedicated to online giving campaigns. It all started one day when, by happy coincidence, I came across Walmart’s partnership with the nonprofit, Feeding America. For each post that users submitted on Instagram that qualified under their criteria, Walmart would donate $10 to the nonprofit. I could donate and feed hungry people just by posting a picture? I wanted in on this! But it sounds too good to be true and, turns out, I was right. It was extremely hard to find these campaigns happening on social media, as much as I searched and searched.

That’s where ImpactaSnap comes in. Now, do-gooders can find giving campaigns in one place, participate and make an impact, all by just taking and posting a snap. By becoming an ImpactaSnap brand partner, you are effectively marketing your philanthropy to do-gooders, brand promoters and new customers. Let’s get creative and make an impact, one snap at a time.

Becca Ruiz, Founder @ ImpactaSnap

Our Values

Giving campaigns raise awareness and spark interest in today’s hottest topics from immigration and social justice to climate change.  ImpactaSnap not only wants to foster a community of giving but inspire users to be creative while spreading information about these important topics and the brands and nonprofits addressing them.
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